Our Worship

How we worship our Lord!

Here at Liberty we worship our Lord several times throughout the week.  We begin with Sunday School (9:15am) where we are split up in age groups called communities (see Community Menu), then going to our morning worship (10:30am) which is our Family worship time where our children (Kindergarten and up) sit with their families for the message.  On Wednesday at 7:00pm we have the King’s Kids program for Pre-K through the 6th grade, our student worship for 7th – 12th grade, our Transformed young adult worship time, and “A Walk in the Word” adult Bible study with Pastor Ross.

We have our own praise team/band and our music is a combination of Christ-honoring spiritual songs and hymns, both new and old.

We do not have a strict dress policy.  We only ask that your attire be modest and does not contain offensive material.  Feel free to come in a suit and tie, jeans and a polo, or shorts and a t-shirt (we fully understand Texas heat).  We feel that it is important to worship comfortably.

Whether in connecting class, family worship or mid-week Bible studies, we use the King James Version Bible.